Feb 11, 2009

Spring Listening: Erlend Oye - DJ Kicks

I can't tell you how many times I've almost written this post. The weather in New York today is BOSS (which is my overly used word for today). Don't mind that "Severe Weather Alert". It's awesome out.

Such weather warrants demands listening to this album:


1. Jurgen Paape - So Weit Wie Noch Nie
2. Erlend Oye - Sheltered Life (Remix)/Fine Night (Acapella)
3. Cornelius - Drop (Kings of Convenience Remix)
4. Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better
5. Erlend Oye - Radio Jolly – Jolly Music/Prego Amore (Acapella)
6. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Rubicon
7. Avenue D - 2D2F
8. The Rapture - I Need Your Love
9. Erlend Oye - Lattialla Taas – Uusi Fantasia/Venus (Acapella)
10. Erlend Oye - 2 After 909 – Justus Kohncke/Intergalactic Autobahn (Acapella)
11. Erlend Oye - The Black Keys Work (Phonique Remix)
12. Jackmate - Airraid
13. Royksopp - Poor Leno (Silikon Soul Remix) / Erlend Oye - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Acapella)
14. Skateboard - Metal Chix / Erlend Oye - Always On My Mind (Acapella)
15. Ricardo Villalobos - Dexter
16. Minizza - Winning a Battle, Losing The War
17. Morgan Geist – Lullaby / Erlend Oye - A Place In My Heart (Acapella) / Ada - Luckycharm / Erlend Oye - Intuition (Acapella)

I remember finding out about this album 2 days before it was released. Picked it up from Virgin on my way to class on a beautiful spring day and bugged out the first time I listened to it. It's the perfect spring album. It opens with a chick singing German sweetness into your ears...the sounds of water droplets...and it just proceeds to get more and more awesome from there...with Erlend Oye singing over pretty much every track. Like so many things, it's great and not explainable.

Go get it. Listen to it today if you're in New York or somewhere that is suddenly and awesomely warm. The cd also has great liner notes from the Norwegian himself explaining things to keep in mind when you are deejaying which are definitely worth reading.


Roland 11:47 PM  

It is indeed beautiful and this mix is absolutely fantastic. I keep going back to it, after getting into microhouse more and more, and his good taste is so impressive. So I'll see you at Glass Candy, maybe?

showtrotta 11:53 PM  

Glad to hear you like Erlend's mix as well. It's one album I just find myself coming back to year after year...it's just well done.

Maybe at Glass Candy...I'm really tempted by Alan Braxe @ Studio B though...I am the worst at making decisions!

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