Aug 28, 2007


So this is going to be one of those crazy weeks where there is something good happening several days in row.

Starting Thursday:

Data and Passions. I've actually only heard one of Data's songs (Aerius Light), but I like it enough to go see him just based on it's nice to hear someone new. Passions (not the Passions as the flyer implies) is doing a live set which hopefully will be as awesome as the last time I saw him.

Then on Friday...Paris Terror Club!

I am so looking forward to this.

Para One is great. I've seen him 3 times, the last of which was excellent...just super electronic, crunchy, tweaky stuff. Gorilla vs. Bear had an interesting post about him recently regarding the new French film he scored - Naissance des Pieuvres.

I am psyched to see Surkin too. He's got some good remixes floating around...and I'm still annoyed I had to miss him when he was at Studio B in April the night too much was going on (Trevor Jackson at APT, Kaos at Element).

Curses! another project of Luca Venezia's aka Drop the Lime. If you read this blog with any regularity you know what I think of this guy. Even though Curses! and DTL are the same guy, and I have seen him in each respect...he kills it in totally different ways. As Drop the Lime he's straight up Curses! it's more of a live experience...dope beats, some of which he sings over. It's a great show. Don't sleep!

Looking forward to catching DJ Orgasmic again after seeing him at Hiro a few months ago...I hope to hear Travailler again at maximum volume.

Saturday will be spent recovering from all of that in order to go to this:

I slept on all the Dafter Party action, so hopefully catching Busy P will make me feel less bad about it. Also, it's an excellent excuse for me to run around my apartment saying "Anthony guess who's coming to NY this weekend?! Buzzy P (but in a French dude voice)!".

Also excited to catch DJ T...just giving his stuff a first listen now, but like most of the guys on Get Physical I am already diggin it.

Sunday night...usually calm...this Sunday...Busy P and Neil Aline at APT! I have a love/hate relationship with APT, but I really want to see Pedro spin in such a small space...and for APT's basement to turn into the crowded dance sweatbox it so desperately wants to be.

Monday I will drop dead...I temporarily forgot Monday is labor day. That's awesome. I will either be recovering in my apartment...or recovering in the Saratoga air, hopefully winning some dollazz on the ponies.

Tuesday, if you are still standing and haven't had enough Busy P (I personally am curious to see Mark Ronson spin):

Get busy...


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